Concussion Management

Concussion Management

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a form of brain injury resulting from a direct blow to the head,

face or jaw causing an alteration in brain function.

Concussions are generally misdiagnosed or NOT diagnosed at all! Most concussions

in athletes resolve without treatment over days or weeks but sometimes recovery

can take weeks to months as concussions have NO set recovery time.
While the majority of the population are still unsure of what to do for mending

someone with a concussion, most will still try to resolve the symptoms with the

“sitting in a dark room” approach. New research suggests this an outdated

recommendation and may be detrimental to your overall progress when

returning to sport.
Having a trained health professional who understands your condition and

can walk you through your concussion may prove to be invaluable.

I may have a concussion. What should I do?

1. Schedule an appointment with your local physician as soon as possible. Most often, it’s not necessary to go to the ER unless your symptoms are severe (seizures, unconsciousness occurred, etc) or your symptoms rapidly worsen.

2. Get a good sleep as it’s NOT usually necessary to be woken up every few hours.

3. Limit exposure to cell phone usage, tv watching, computer time, reading time and things that DEMAND cognitive processing.

4. If you are diagnosed with a concussion, which legally ONLY a physician is qualified to do, visit us at Impact Sport and Health Clinic and we will begin Assessment which will hopefully be your start to complete recovery of your concussion.

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