ICBC massage therapy coverage – Do you have coverage?

Regardless of who is at fault, most people qualify for ICBC coverage after a car accident. ICBC massage therapy coverage is included in their medical benefits package.

How much massage coverage will I receive after an accident?

ICBC massage therapy coverage and payment rates can vary depending on a number of factors. The best way to find out how much total ICBC massage coverage you will have and how much they will cover per treatment is to contact your adjuster.

What does direct billing RMT treatments to ICBC mean?

Direct billing RMT treatments mean that we contact ICBC directly for payment. When you show up for your RMT treatment, we will contact ICBC to determine payment. Once they have confirmed payment, you only need to pay your portion. But keep your receipts, sometimes ICBC will reimburse your medical costs 100%.

Had an accident and not yet contacted ICBC?

It is recommended that you contact ICBC as soon as possible after an accident. We cannot commence treatment until ICBC has given you an approved claim number so it’s best that this is done prior to the first treatment.

Do I need a Doctor's referral prior to massage therapy treatment?

Yes. A doctor’s referral is required prior to your initial treatment.

Do I need a claim or can I just walk-in?

An injured worker must have an accepted claim before we can start massage therapy treatments.ent.

Do you need approval from WCB even though I have a Doctor's referral and an accepted claim?

While we don’t need pre-approval in the first eight weeks after the worker’s injury, we do tend to ask that you have spoken to your WCB adjuster and have a letter stating that massage therapy is the next appropriate step of action for your recovery.

How many massage therapy treatment sessions am I allowed under my WCB claim?

We can provide up to 12 treatments within the first eight weeks of injury. After the eight weeks, an extension request is submitted, assuming more treatments are necessary. Approval of the extension is case by case through the WCB adjustor and not always guaranteed.

How long are WCB Massage Therapy treatments?

As WCB does not set duration length for treatments, we typically see you for 60 minutes in the initial appointment and 30 minutes for subsequent treatments.

Do we have to pay out of pocket for the treatments?

No, as a RMT, we bill WCB directly assuming that we are treating the area of injury on the claim. If you wish to have another area treated that is not under the WCB claim, you would need to pay out of pocket for that.

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